Strategy & Vision

“From the campaign trail to the start of the administration, Governor Shapiro has demonstrated a commitment to creating real opportunity and spurring economic growth right here in Pennsylvania. This step is important as we continue in that journey, as Governor Shapiro sends a clear message that Pennsylvania is open for business, we’re going to be a leader in economic growth, job creation, and innovation.” 

Luke Bernstein, President & CEO, PA Chamber

“It’s energizing to see economic development paired with quality job creation. To me, that means union jobs. Just one week into his administration, Governor Shapiro has affirmed that his priorities are the peoples’ priorities. We applaud the governor and his team for coming out of the gates with vigor and values.” 

Angela Ferrito, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President

“At this this pivotal moment for society, we are faced with a once in a generation opportunity to carve out a distinctive leadership for Pennsylvania as the frontier for innovation and job creation. By launching the Office of Transformation and Opportunity, Governor Shapiro has underscored his commitment to accelerating Pennsylvania’s competitiveness as a destination for businesses and entrepreneurs. Pennsylvania has all of the core assets of a dynamic innovation ecosystem and through the visionary leadership of the Shapiro-Davis administration, we will be better positioned to leverage these resources to expand the geography of innovation and bring opportunities to both urban and rural areas across the state. The higher education community is energized to support the Governor’s bold vision for shaping Pennsylvania’s future.”

Farnam Jahanian, President of Carnegie Mellon University

“Governor Shapiro is a proven national leader for the working men and women of Pennsylvania. With his recent executive order, Governor Shapiro is making Pennsylvania one of the best states in the country in terms of streamlining the navigation of complicated economic incentives and a permitting process that impacts new economic development to Pennsylvania. Making it easier to invest and easier to create jobs, means more construction projects that support Pennsylvania’s working families.”

Tony Seidel, Business Manager Laborers’ District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania

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