February 23, 2023

The Office of Transformation and Opportunity’s (OTO) mission is to make PA the most business-friendly state in the U.S.  

OTO will proactively engage and empower business leaders, innovators, local communities, and state agencies to reignite economic growth and promote prosperity throughout the Commonwealth. By coordinating across state agencies, OTO will strengthen the Commonwealth’s competitiveness and develop our strategy to nurture innovative industries that will drive growth now and into the future.

There is now a new way to do business in PA.

“Pennsylvania needs a government that works more quickly, one that is able to figure out a way to get to yes.”

Governor Josh Shapiro

Become a one-stop shop for the interagency coordination of all economic development projects in the Commonwealth.

Utilize our unique vantage point to solicit feedback and reduce red tape for those looking to do business in the Commonwealth.

Design tools and processes that provide the Governor’s office with insight into all economic development activity. Leverage this new data to make the Commonwealth a more proactive partner to businesses.

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